On Storytelling

“The magic words ‘once upon a time’ transport us to other worlds and other times. Storytelling is the primary technology of a preliterate age and has traveled through time to make its mark on history.”

So begins the introduction to a public radio program’s examination storytelling. The audio show, which began airing on The Infinite Mind in December, includes stories from two prominent storytellers –- Diane Wolkstein and Donald Davis —  and commentary on the role of the story (and it’s teller) by Dr. Fred Goodwin and Dr. Joseph Sobol.

The hour-long program highlights storytelling as one of the first means of recording history and how it continues to help us connect with our selves and communicate through the generations. The revival of storytelling in America and the importance of programs like the Mothers’ Living Stories Project are also explored.

Listen to “Storytelling” for yourself and check out the tales behind these show contributors:

Diane Wolkstein
Donald Davis
Mothers’ Living Stories Project

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